First timer

I had Dominic and Mike out on the James river this past Friday.  It was Dominic's first time fishing for smallmouth bass on the fly rod.  It was a incredible day throwing top water flies. Dominic's second fish of the day was 19.5 inch smallmouth bass.  The bass ate all day long on top and [...]

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Surface bite continues!

Popper fishing continues to produce the big bass on the James river.  The bass have there eyes on the surface for sure looking for that dying cicada to float by. I had  Matti out today for the first time.  Matti is know new comer to fly fishing and it showed on the bass he put [...]

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Topwater Bug Fishing

The topwater bite is still on and going strong.  We had a warm up this past week, which helped keep our water temps high enough to keep the bass looking up. Annual cicadas are starting to die and are falling to the  water.  Two smallmouth bass were caught this week with cicadas in there throats. [...]

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Cold fronts are know good

Well this past week was a bit tougher than the previous weeks for smallmouth bass.  We had a cold front move in on Tuesday and our daytime highs dropped to 70 degrees and our night time low's got into the high 50's.  There isn't much worse than a cold front to slow the bite except [...]

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Low pressure

I had permission about eight years ago to use a private ramp which split a 16 mile stretch of the James river in half that has no public access points.  For some dumb reason I quit using it and lost the landowners info but thankfully remembered his name.  After a quick phone call to a [...]

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James River

The James river continues to fish great with top water flies! Right now has been the best conditions for popper fishing all summer.  We have been catching at least one citation smallmouth bass the last 4 trips.  Don't let the best top water fishing of the year slip by.  If you are in Lynchburg, VA [...]

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Top water bite is on!

I had one of the best days throwing poppers yesterday.  To be totally honest I wish had some clients yesterday, because the James river fished so well.  The James river is back to being its normal self with clear water and its at a great floating level.  Smallmouth bass from 15 inches to 20 inches [...]

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