Bronze back and Green backs

Had three trips on the bass rivers this week.  Things have started to look better with the forecast and the rivers have cleared up.  Most of the smallmouth  and largemouth bass caught this week were on streamers and the bass have been hanging in the deeper water.  Water temps are not quite normal yet this [...]

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Buffalo Creek

I fished the special reg. on  Buffalo Creek in Rockbridge County on Monday.  I haven't fished this spring creek since the spring.  With all of the rain we have had this summer I figured it would have plenty of cool water.  A friend and I ran out there in the afternoon for a quick fix. [...]

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Family Fun on the river

Took the family and some friends to one of my favorite trout streams yesterday.  Virginia trout streams are in great shape this year from the wet summer. Mountain streams are cold and full of water and hungry trout. First fish of the day was a big brookie my son hooked on his Spiderman fishing pole. [...]

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Fly Fishing Virginia for trout

One of the my favorite things about fly fishing in Virginia is the  diversity of our watersheds. If  all I did was fish for smallmouth bass  or  musky I wouldn't be fishing right now. We keep getting pounded by rain.  The plan was to leave at the butt crack of dawn to go fish the [...]

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Musky Fly Madness

I have  been passing the time with tying musky flies today when I wasn't on my lawn mower beating down grass that will not stop growing.  When ya can't fish the best thing you can do is make fish.  Hope to see water levels back to normal by the weekend. I'm itching to get back [...]

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Tailwater Fun!

I had Joe, Katie, Dan, and Barry out for their first fly fishing trip.  We were supposed to fish for smallmouth bass, but mother nature changed our plans like it has for the past few weeks.  It seems like it has rained for thirty days.  Thankfully the Jackson River is a tailwater fishery below Gathright [...]

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First time trout fishing

I had Kevin, James, and Quentin out on the Jackson river this past Monday.  It was James and Quentin's first time trout fishing.  The Jackson is at its normal summer time flows (250cfs) and very clear.  The tricos have started to hatch, so if you get out in the morning you should find some rising [...]

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