Fly Fishing the James River

We are still getting a few pop up thunderstorms this week which is not helping the rivers return to normal.  I got out yesterday on the James and the water was not bad, still higher than I like, with okay clarity. It didn't take long throwing a popper to the bank to attract a 17 [...]

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Nice to be back on the water!

We have had so much rain the past two weeks the rivers have been to high for fishing.  Finally they have started to drop and I was able to get out yesterday for the first time in a week in a half. Smallmouth bass are looking up and eating on top. The 17 year cicada [...]

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Please come down!

Back from the beach with high hopes of the river flows being back to normal, no such luck.  Well mother nature decided to give us more water on Thursday.  I have my fingers crossed for this coming week, hope I do not have to cancel anymore trips. 

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Downpours and smallies

Never been to fond of fishing for smallmouth bass  in heavy rains, but when you need or have to get out you do what you gotta do.  Was out fishing the James river down towards Howardsville yesterday with a tropical storm making its way up the coast. It started out as drizzle with periods of [...]

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Smallmouth love cicadas

Had a client out on the James River yesterday.  The water is looking good and finally warming up from the hot weather.  Cicada hatch has been going bonkers for awhile now. The smallmouth bass have been eating the cicadas that have been dying or just couldn't quite make it across the river.  We tossed a [...]

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West “By God” Viriginia

Attended the first annual West Virginia Trout Festival at Snowshoe Resort this past weekend.  This event was put on by the WV Trout Unlimited. Great event, I was there promoting my guide business here in Central VA.  The Elk River is not very far from the event and I have been wanting to visit the [...]

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