Hit Leesville Lake today to see if the cicada hatch is getting the fish looking up and boy were they.  Incredible sight fishing for carp, bass, and even catfish were looking for the tasty cicadas. It was a absolute blast casting to the carp and watching them come up and slurp the fly. This is [...]

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One last cast

Well the  striper run is over here in VA.  So a  buddy of mine and I always head down to Weldon, NC to finish off our striper fishing for the year.  The run was late this year the same as the run here in VA, but the stripers in Weldon are sea run stripers.  I [...]

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Mud and Stripers

Well the flood  didn't wash all the stripers a way.  Got out today to see if any stripers were still hanging around.  The river is full of them right now. I believe the mega load is here.  There were stripers spawning all over the river all day. Basically had the place to my self, right [...]

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High water and Mr. Green Pants

Well it started raining last Monday and didn't quit till Wednesday evening.  The problem was we got like 5 or 6 inches of rain.  Well you can imagine what that did to our rivers, the flood word would be accurate.  Itching to get on the water after cancelling my guided trips for the week my [...]

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TN Musky

I caught my first TN musky this past weekend at the Southern Musky Classic Weekend.  This was a informal musky on the fly tournament.  Never fished for musky in  TN but figured they couldn't be much different from VA since we are neighbors.  I fished the Collins/Caney Fork rivers.  The musky gods were good to me [...]

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Virginia stripers still hungry

Had Jerry and Logan out for there introduction to the Roanoke river striper today.  The stripers ate well and pull hard as always. Its a blast to see the expression on a anglers face when a striper connects to there lure or fly. With the weather conditions we are having the stripers should be here [...]

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