Jackson river

Had a great group of guys out yesterday on the Jackson river.  Water had dropped down to great wading levels.  Did well using a dry and dropper ring with a caddis dry and a beadhead caddis nymph. Nothing big was caught yesterday but we caught a lot of 10 to 12 inch rainbows and a [...]

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The Tug is the Drug!

Striper fishing continues to get better. With our colder than normal spring this year, the stripers showed up two weeks later than normal. Hoping they stay around a few more weeks. If you have been wanting to catch a striper on the fly or light tackle the time is now!

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Bass in his business suit!

One of hell of a cold front came through a couple days ago.  It was 40 degrees this morning when I left for my guide trip.  Good to see some better temps this coming week.  The cold front managed to slow the bite down to a crawl with the stripers the past two days.  We [...]

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Striper Love

The striper fishing has just got started this week. They have been slamming the fly this week and almost jerking rods out of hands. They will be in the river for the next few weeks, so if you are looking to get your first or 500th striper don't delay. 

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Virginia Striper!

First striper of 2013 hit the boat yesterday.  Schools are just starting to move up river to spawn now.  The recent warm up has gotten the water temps up to the low 60's. I'm expecting good numbers of stripers to show this week, so if you are looking to get on the action don't hesitate [...]

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Trout in the Classroom

Brookies waiting there turn to be released into the wild. I helped out with a Trout in the Classroom release on Tuesday. Local high school students and there teacher raised these brook trout from eggs in there classroom. Each student got to release a trout to there new home. Local TU members were on hand [...]

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The cicadas are coming! The cicadas are coming!

I barely remember the last one.  I was thirteen years old.  I do remember the fish going nuts over the cicadas, everything and anything where eating them.  I'm looking forward to this as every other red blooded fly fisherman should be to.  Time to start tying some cicadas and getting ready for the chaos. http://www.mnn.com/earth-matters/animals/stories/cicadapocalypse-2013-what-you-need-to-know [...]

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Snow in April? Your kidding me!

As I write this, it is snowing here in Central Virginia.  We typically do not see snow past February in this area, but this hasn't been a typical year so far.  I was out on the Staunton River again today with high hopes of finding life.  We had a hodge podge kind of day, with [...]

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