Ole Man Winter Won’t Let GO

This has been a strange winter and early spring.  It was never horribly cold but it was never warm, and spring has not arrived as far as spring temps.  In past years we would be catching white bass coming up river to spawn for a few weeks now. Usually by now I would be catching [...]

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Musky Junkies

Got out for a couple hours with a new friend and musky junkie Charlie Gordon yesterday.  Charlie started fishing for musky this year on the fly.  Charlie was telling me he gave himself five days to catch his first musky and if he didn't, he would just forget about it and go back to trout [...]

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James River 3 hour tour

Haven't been out to chase musky for 22 days.  Must say it was a nice break at least my tennis elbow cleared up from throwing water logged chickens all winter.  One of the benefits of being a fishing guide is you can go when you feel like its good.  So I called a friend and [...]

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VA Mountain Streams

The mountain trout streams are in good shape.  Plenty of cold water rushing down off the mountains from the snow a few days ago.  Went to one of my favorite brook streams today to see how things were fishing.  Didn't see much hatching but a few bwo's and small black stoneflies with a few trout [...]

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Poor Man’s Tarpon

Headed down to Weldon, NC a few days ago to the Roanoke river.  Heard the hickory shad were in and boy were they.  It was a good feeling to go catching and not fishing for a change and by fishing I mean chasing musky. All winter long I have been on the water after the [...]

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VA Striper On The Fly

The lake striper run is just around the corner just a few weeks away.  I always get excited this time year knowing spring is almost here and I get to battle with the line sides.  If you have never chased striper on the fly this is a good time the fish are thick and ready [...]

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Mark Taylor’s First Musky

I had the pleasure to take Roanoke Times outdoor writer Mark Taylor out for a musky trip yesterday.  Mark had never caught a musky and the last email Mark sent me said hope we don't have the " writers jinx".  Well I wasn't worried I have learned to go into a musky trip with confidence [...]

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Musky Guru Brad Bohen

Brad is a well known musky guide and musky fly tier from Hayward, WI .  He just so happened to be in VA for some fishing and business.   Jim reached out to Brad to come by and show us some of his magic on the vise with our fly tying group that we call [...]

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