New River Musky

My good friend Shannon hit the New river this past weekend and tangled with his first ever musky that hit the 40inch mark.  He had one other one on and was lost boat side plus six follows.  Great day!

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First timer

I had a good client out last Friday for his first time fly fishing.  He has been out with me before chasing stripers with spinning gear but decided to give this addiction called fly fishing a try.  He did great picked up casting as fast I have ever seen before.  The smallmouth bass fishing is [...]

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Back from the salt

I'm back from a much needed week at the beach with my family.  Had a little luck chasing redfish in the grass.  So now that I have gotten my saltwater fix back to chasing musky and smallmouth bass and that is exactly what I did yesterday on the James.  We had a few follows all [...]

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Water cooling down and musky like it!

Great day on the James river today set out to catch some smallmouth and musky and we did just that.  Water has cooled down and the smallmouth bass and musky were happy.  Top water bite was great for the smallmouth and should be good for awhile longer.  Far as the musky fishing it will do [...]

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Dog Days

Wasn't the monster I was hoping for but a musky on the fly during the dog days of summer is a treat!  Be sure if you catch a musky in the heat of the summer to properly revive it warm water is hard on them.

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Nothing to write home about

We had a tough day out yesterday.  The New river isn't fishing that well this year so I'm going to stick closer to home for the rest of the summer.  We were out looking for a musky bite we did have two follows one them about bumped the boat but no luck for Jack.  

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