Musky action is heating up!

Got on the water yesterday with Jack Murray from Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine.  Jack wrote a good article in the latest issue of the magazine about musky fishing on the fly.  He wanted to get a musky on video for the magazine's website so we headed out to try our luck.  The morning started off [...]

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Sage One

I recently purchased a new 5wt fly rod.  I decided to get the Sage One 590 and was not disappointed.  The One is the most accurate 5wt I have ever cast.  Spot on with short cast and long distance.  I highly recommend this rod!

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Swing and a miss

Put in 9 and half hours on the James river looking for a musky bite a couple days ago.  Should of took some smallmouth bass flies because they were on the prowl. Bass were smacking our musky flies but just not getting the hook. We had a half dozen follows from musky and one try [...]

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New River Musky

My good friend Shannon hit the New river this past weekend and tangled with his first ever musky that hit the 40inch mark.  He had one other one on and was lost boat side plus six follows.  Great day!

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First timer

I had a good client out last Friday for his first time fly fishing.  He has been out with me before chasing stripers with spinning gear but decided to give this addiction called fly fishing a try.  He did great picked up casting as fast I have ever seen before.  The smallmouth bass fishing is [...]

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Back from the salt

I'm back from a much needed week at the beach with my family.  Had a little luck chasing redfish in the grass.  So now that I have gotten my saltwater fix back to chasing musky and smallmouth bass and that is exactly what I did yesterday on the James.  We had a few follows all [...]

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