Ups and downs

The musky fishing continues to be up and down.  I have had three tough trips out this past week.  We could use some hard rain the water clarity is like gin.  You can see 10 or more feet down in the water easily.  As soon as we get some good rain it should be on [...]

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Nothing like your first.

My good friend Dave headed out by himself this morning to hunt musky.  Dave has fished right hard for a year to catch a musky with no luck which is the norm for most folks.  Well today was his day on his third cast he hung into this river monster.  Way to go Bro!

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Fly in the jaw

Great shot to show why I tie musky flies with two hooks m0st of the time they get the back hook and also two hooks help you get the longer length you need to attract the big boys and girls.

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41 inch musky on the fly

I must admit we were struggling a little on getting a good shot of this musky.  She was heavy and Erik was having a time with her.  Note to self next time when landing a fish that big hold it by the gill plate and support the stomach.

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Election day musky

Took a break from the deer woods on election day and headed out to some musky water.  So after the voting was done my friend and I took off to the river.  We had good weather conditions cold and cloudy can't ask for much better for predator fishing.  The river was low and clear as [...]

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