After catching trout on periodic cicada fly patterns on the Jackson river last week.  I have been foaming at the mouth to get up to Lake Moomaw to see how the emergence was going there.  I made it up to the lake yesterday and I was a bit nervous the bugs wouldn’t be thick.  When I stepped out the truck at the boat ramp and heard the noise only cicada’s make I knew we were in good shape.  Made a short run over to a cove where I heard a lot of insects.  After making a few cast and having schools of bluegills attack the fly,  I knew the fish have been seeing the juicy black and orange bugs.  It didn’t take long to locate smallmouth bass that were prowling down the bank looking up for a cicada committing suicide.  One of the magical things about this hatch is it makes carp just plain dumb, which is unusual for carp.  You can miss the hook set on a carp on the surface during the cicada hatch and throw it right back and it will likely eat it again.  Its that easy.  Most carp on the fly fanatics don’t believe it till they see it for themselves.  Easiest scenario I have ever seen to catch carp on the fly and on the surface.  They literally cruise just under the surface looking up for bugs.  It makes for some great sight fishing.  This should last into July, so if you are looking to catch a bunch of carp and bass don’t wait another 17 years to do it.DSC_3797 DSC_3809